Cathy Reisenwitz

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I’m a writer with bylines in The Week, NewsweekForbes, the Daily BeastVICE MotherboardReason magazineTalking Points Memo, Ravishly, Kink and Code and other publications. I write regularly at Sex and the State and publish a newsletter called Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture. I am the Head of Content at a tech startup.

To connect with me, check out my FacebookTwitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, and LinkedIn.

I’ve been quoted by the New York Times Magazine and my television appearances include Fox News and Al Jazeera America. I’ve been cited by the SF Planning Commission and the DePaul Journal of Women, Gender and the Law.

I’ve been cited in the following books: Called to Freedom, Peace, Love & Liberty, Critical Perspectives on Gun Control, Corruption and Government, and Jesus, Jihad and Peace.

Most of my land-use and local politics writing is at Unintended Consequences.