This is how bureaucracies work – ATF Fast and Furious edition

Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations

OMG ya’ll. Let me explain to you how government bureaucracies work.

In a bureaucracy, an inordinate number of people sit in a room with nothing to do. No one expects, much less demands, that the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) actually put even a dent in black-market alcohol, tobacco and gun sales. So the bureaucrats sit around and think up ways to continue to get to sit around and think up ways to continue. The pressure is on to be as ineffective and wasteful as possible, because actually getting results gets you nowhere but out of job (no problems = no bureaucrats). Also failing to spend your whole budget gets you a smaller budget next year.

That’s default. But sometimes — while justifying their existence by spending as much money as stupidly as possible — bureaucracies fuck shit up to such a degree that the MSM notices. For instance when cartel members kill a US Border Patrol agent with guns bought from a US government bureaucracy as part of the “Fast and Furious” BATFE program.

Some say that this harebrained scheme is the result of an BATFE conspiracy to perpetrate more gun control. No doubt. But not because ATF fuckheads care about getting guns off the streets. Clearly that’s not their main concern since they were PUTTING GUNS ON THE STREETS OF MEXICO.

No, the BATFE want more gun control for the same reason the DMV wants you to have to walk your ass down to their office every damn year and buy a sticker, and the Department of Education wants to further regulate and nationalize curricula, and the FDA wants to expand their oversight into supplements. They want more gun control because it means bigger budgets, increased job security and promotions as people are hired under the existing bureaucrats.

It’s a fucked up when the best we can realistically hope for out of an organization is that they waste time and money in ways that DON’T KILL PEOPLE. And they still fail!

I’ll end with this. Gun control is a pointless, fascist farce aimed at, on the benign end, giving lifelong bureaucrats something to do, and on the less benign end, of depriving people of their last recourse against a tyrannical government.

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