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Guys, gals, gender non-conforming individuals. There’s a new diet in town. Now I’m restricted to no caffeine, dairy, sugar, and can only drink clear liquors. This is not a failure, my healer/doctor/functional medicine guru/astrologist (I don’t do astrology but she does) insisted. The goal was to learn. And we learned that I have a lot less self-control around food than previously understood.

I’ll have the next installment of What the Fuck is Wrong with San Francisco out to you shortly but in the meantime, here are a few things I’ve been reading.

The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

I love a good due process story, and the Intercept has really been killing it lately.

Want To Feel Happier Today? Try Talking To A Stranger

I’m kind of obsessed with loneliness as a topic so I appreciate these stories. Speaking of, I’ve been invited to come on the Naked Humanity podcast, and I really enjoyed host Stefani Ruper’s recent episode on the topic. One of the reasons I’m so into urbanism is how lonely I found the car-bound suburbs, which make chance encounters so much more rare than walking or transit. I’ve even met friends and lovers in Ubers, but never alone in my car.

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