Tainted school lunches, another way public schools fail children

Not only are they notoriously gross-tasting and badly-prepared, lunches at public schools also contain more fecal matter and e.coli than the food at McDonald’s, according to USA Today. They’ve actually got a whole series on the issue.

For a contrast, check out this post from the NYC Private Schools Blog. It’s a guest post written by a lunch man from a NYC private school detailing how much he loves introducing kids to high-quality, nutritious foods.

While public schools literally take donations from the USDA that even McDonald’s won’t touch, private schools shop around for the best quality at reasonable prices. I wonder what the difference is. Could it be, I dunno, the profit motive?

Anyone have any stats about private school lunches? I’m curious to see if private schools both pay less and serve better quality lunches, like they do servings of education.

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