School choice is both a path and a compromise to Anarcho-capitalism

It sucks to have a crappy memory. I read someone somewhere criticizing someone who else called themselves an Anarcho-capitalist for supporting school choice. Well, crap. I freakin love school choice. I get that it’s a compromise. Obviously I want a totally private educational system. But how do you get from here to there? I think school choice is as good a way as any.

School choice for those unfamiliar with the term, is basically the idea that parents should get to choose where their kids go to school, even if they’re taking advantage of the public school system. School choice has many variations. It can involve opening charter schools that compete with public schools, or giving kids vouchers to attend public or private schools, or just letting parents choose which traditional public school their child attends.

School choice helps end the monopoly public schools currently enjoy on the market for students and insert some competition and accountability into the system.

But beyond that, school choice will, I believe, lead to a total privatization of education.

How, you ask? Because right now private schools offer a better education (sources here, here and here) for less money than public schools. That’s right, when you compare what your average public school spends per pupil to what your average private school spends, it’s tons cheaper to educate privately. And, the results are much better. Private school kids outperform public school kids on every standardized test and criterion available.

So when the day comes that parents have a voucher, and they can spend it on a public education or a private one, which do you think they’ll choose? Yeah, exactly.

So what are some other, better ways to get the state out of schooling? What problems do you see with school choice? Lemme know in the comments.

Learn more about the school choice movement:

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