Rubber rooms closing – Message to teachers: pose a threat to students, get sent home with pay

From a New York Times article:

For the last several years, teachers accused of incompetence or wrongdoing have been forced into rubber rooms, formally called Temporary Reassignment Centers, where they receive a full salary but do not work while they wait for the Department of Education or a hearing officer to decide their fate. But in April, city officials and the teachers’ union agreed to eliminate the rooms, which had been a source of embarrassment for all. Beginning in the fall, those teachers will perform administrative duties or be sent home if they are deemed a threat to students.

So teachers the state can’t trust not to hurt students will still get paid their full salaries without teaching, but now they’ll do admin work or sit at home. Is it too much to ask that a teacher deemed “a threat to students” be, oh, I don’t know, fired?

Let’s see, I can just imagine a worker in the private sector threatening a co-worker and then collecting full pay for sitting at home.

I’m thinking that business would fall victim to creative destruction, which is exactly what public schools should do, except they can’t, because they’re public, and that exemption from the forces of creative destruction contributes mightily to forces of public education’s mighty suckage.

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