Pilots opposing drones in US skies is corporatism with a twist

Pilots worry about safety of allowing domestic drones in US skies

>Hilarious. Clearly pilots worry about safety of jobs once pilots aren’t needed anymore.

Pilots are hating on the FAA funding bill that just passed Congress. The bill authorizes cops to use drones for law enforcement.

The pilots are speaking out in opposition to the bill is classic corporatism. They say letting manned and unmanned aircraft in the skies at the same time will increases collisions.


For normal people, the real threat of authorizing drones is that it will further militarize domestic law enforcement. Riot gear and tanks make law enforcement’s war on Americans (under the auspices of eliminating drugs) much more violent than it need be. How much easier will it be for cops to kill unarmed citizens when they can do it at from the comfort of the station with a joystick?

Drone attacks are responsible for the deaths of 535 civilians, including 60 children, in the past three years in Pakistan alone. A drone was used to kill an American citizen in Yemen.

Luckily, once again the ACLU is stepping up on the issue. Maybe they can work with the pilots to get this thing killed.

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery.

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