New Video: Finding Love [For Markets] In a Verizon Ad

I got choked up watching this Verizon wireless ad. It reminded me that innovation is the most powerful answer to the world’s problems and the single biggest contributor to increases in standards of living.

A more libertarian world helps foster the innovations required to move past problems of scarcity and disease.

It helps us lead longer, fuller, healthier, freer lives. The video shows what innovations can do.

Leave me a comment about the innovations that inspire you most. And, as always, if you haven’t yet, subscribe!

See ya next week!

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  1. Guthrie

    You said ‘inspire’, so I’m going to go with Space X’s Dragon successfully returning to earth after supplying the ISS, and Bigelow Aerospace’s inflatable ‘room’ which is again being considered for the ISS… (goes w/o saying, but I’m a bit of a space geek…)

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