My new life

I’m about to begin a new chapter in life. I’m moving from Birmingham, Alabama to Arlington, Virginia. I’m leaving my SEO Specialist job at EBSCO Industries to become the new Digital Publishing Specialist for Reason Magazine in Washington, D.C. I’m going to work for my favorite libertarian think tank in a huge, bustling city far from my southern home, where vehicles are optional but scarves and hats are mandatory much of the year.

I’m scared. I’m scared of the rent, the metro, the cold, the crime, the new job. The having only a few friends in the area. The corporate culture that probably could not be more different than what I’m used to.

But I’m about to begin to live the life about which until now I’ve barely had the courage to dream. Know what’s really crazy? The barriers to entry I thought were beyond my ability to navigate are actually much lower than I could’ve imagined. I thought I needed a law degree or a book of published clips before a think tank would look at me. Turns out there are multiple organizations out there looking to place young, inexperienced workers and recent grads in think tank jobs. (Check ’em out:

I’m also going to be participating in the Koch Associate Program beginning in June.

I just didn’t know before. I didn’t know about Heritage’s job bank. I didn’t know about the Koch Associate Program.

Now, I want the decision makers at Reason to look back at hiring me as their single greatest decision. I want to learn the shit out of liberty and professional development with Koch. I want to get to know every liberty lover in D.C. and out of them select an amazing group of friends.

And then? Then, I want to publish best-selling books, speak at conferences and appear on television to rep the shit out of liberty. It feels unobtainable right now. I have very little knowledge of how to get from here to there. But I know, from experience now, that the barriers to entry are low enough for me to handle. If I try, I know I can do this. Wish me luck!

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