Marco Rubio strikes a blow to UN World Conference on International Telecommunications Union with S.Con.Res. 50

Today the House votes on Marco Rubio’s strike back against the World Conference on International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and its stated purpose to find new ways to further regulate the internet.

His bill, S.Con.Res. 50, aims to “preserve and advance the multistakeholder governance model under which the Internet has thrived.”

It’s basically a bill to prevent further bills. While the results of this UN conference will not be binding to the US in any way, what the UN does will sometimes influence US legislation.

It’s good that Rubio wants to take steps to avoid any UN influence on internet regulation. Especially since some of the leaked meeting agenda items would be disastrous if implemented. Especially threatening are the proposals to give government monopoly power over domain name registration and proposals to tax data sent across international borders.

Not surprisingly, Google, Verizon and ICANN (the private entity now registering domain names) have lobbied for the bill, as they have the most to lose (besides consumers, of course) from such internet regulation.

Photo by KP Tripathi


  1. Evan Comeaux

    I suspect Rubio is doing this more out of political maneuvering than out of principled concern over internet freedom. Rubio’s eyeing a presidential run in 2016 & is most likely aware that internet freedom is immensely popular & this will get his name on the social network-sphere.

    • Cathy Reisenwitz

      No doubt Evan. I’m just glad internet freedom is immensely popular and he gets it and is willing to do something, however symbolic, to protect it.

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