I’m sticking up for anarchy

I came across American Oligarchy: A legacy of betrayal via my Google Alert for “corporatism.”

Anarchy: This word originated from the Greek, anarchos; meaning literally: no ruler. Anarchy is popularly equated with chaos, violence, disorder, barbarism. The reason is that without some form of coordinated security, each person is required to provide for their own protection. In such an environment, barbarism is inevitable because those willing to employ the most force usually win. Anarchy is sometimes advocated by those who mistrust any form of organized government due to its tendency to evolve into totalitarianism. But the flaw in this argument is that anarchy provides maximum advantage to those with the least moral restraint. It can be predicted with perfect certainty that a state of anarchy will always result in the rise of tyranny.

I just don’t buy what he’s selling here. Specifically, I don’t get how you get from people being required to provide for their own protection to barbarism being inevitable. He says it’s because those willing to employ the most force usually win. The most force how, and win how? I think he’s trying to say that in a system without government those with the least scruples would just take from everyone else and then rule. First of all, that’s already happening, it’s just that we call the people with the least scruples that forcibly take from everyone else “politicians.” So we already have theft, we just call it taxation.

I guess I just believe that people would rather not be fighting. There are basically two ways to make money. You can take it by force, via stealing or taxation. Or, you can acquire it via voluntary trade of goods, labor or services. There will always be those people who would just really rather steal. But I think the majority of people don’t want to steal, they want to trade. They want to get a job, or sell an item. They don’t want to fight someone. So if you get a group of people together who just want to trade amongst each other, they can pool their money together to buy security, so they don’t have to worry about their shit getting stolen from them. It’s what celebrities do, they buy (rent) security guards. Some asshole wants to mess with them, the security guard messes them up first. There’s no reason a group of people can’t hire security guards to do the same thing.

I think that anarchy will only result in the rise of tyranny when there are more people who want to steal from each other than work together for the betterment of everyone. I just don’t believe that’s generally the case.

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