Health Insurance, Chronic Illness and the State

As someone with multiple annoying, expensive, but not life threatening chronic illnesses I was interested in XOJane’s I’M NOT OK: DEALING WITH HEALTH INSURANCE WHEN YOU HAVE A CHRONIC ILLNESS.

While her illness, multiple-sclerosis, is much more dire and expensive than any of mine, I identify with her fear and pain. I know what it’s like to store up expensive medicine knowing I could may be without a way to pay for it.

She says, so eloquently:

I’m lucky and I’m grateful; I’ve always been a grateful girl. I’m so damned grateful for everything I have. I’m also furious and scared: I want something better for everyone else. I’m seeing the cracks in some of what I’m told is the best of what’s on offer: This system is not good enough.

You are damn right. This system is not anywhere near good enough.

Unfortunately, ObamaCare is even worse. It keeps intact everything that has made this system the fucked up mess that it is (tax incentives for employer-provided health insurance, illegal cross-state health insurance market, artificial shortages of medical schools) and adds in more regulations and price distortions that will make it even harder for hardworking Americans to consistently access the world’s best health care.

I don’t oppose ObamaCare because I like our system. I hate it. I am a victim of it. Even as a fully-employed, fairly healthy, young person I am a victim of our system, and my heart aches for the millions of people who are victimized much worse than I am.

I oppose it because I understand that it will victimize me, and many other people as well, worse.

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