Ep 58 | The Fight over Feminism | Guest: Cathy Reisenwitz

My favorite part of my interview with Andrew Heaton for his awesome new podcast was him saying he didn’t care who you have sex with as long as you keep your lawn mowed. I said, “As a sex-positive feminist urbanist I’m far more offended by you having a lawn than any kind of sex you could have.”

Also included: My definition of feminism, sex-positive feminism, and radical feminism, plus why feminism and capitalism seem to be opposed, my thoughts on Jonathan Haidt’s ideas about lady brains and libertarianism, whether all hetero sex is rape, why people misunderstand feminism, why we’re not all feminists yet, what the “patriarchy” really means, whether we need MRAs, punching up, etc.

Also I’m so sorry about my voice I’ve got a cold.

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