Dawood Military Hospital photos demonstrate how blowback happens

So Buzzfeed, of all places, just broke photos from inside the Dawood Military Hospital. They are horrific.

This to me further indicates that soft foreign military interventionism does not work long term. Who, after seeing horrifying photos of their fellow countrymen literally rotting and wasting away under US care, would not want to take up arms?

If an administration is going to justify invading a sovereign nation by claiming the country’s actions pose an immediate threat to US lives the only thing that country’s military has any right to do is neutralize that immediate threat.

But if that military is not willing to do whatever it takes to fully neutralize that threat, it has to stay home. There is no justification for nation building. There is no justification for long-term occupation. And the consequences of illegitimate occupation are blowback. Because if you’re an Afghani and you see these photos of how your occupiers are treating the soldiers who fight alongside them why would you not want to take up arms to forcibly free yourself of your occupation?

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  1. rothbardwasright

    Too much to comment on this article to type it all out, but it was a very good article. Unfortunately, the mere mention of blowback will induce the righteous wrath of those defending the United States’ “emissaries for freedom” who fight for our “freedoms” and to “free” others in far off foreign lands. This is the new imperialism- a neocon’s dream. It’s heart-breaking to see.

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