Charter Schools Might Be Coming to Alabama – Time to Put the Money Where the Mouth Is

I wrote this a while ago but with the holidays and whatnot didn’t have time/inclination to post it.

Learned today via that my home state of Alabama might be getting herself some charter schools! Yeehaw!

While charter schools are hardly the Anarcho-capitalist ideal, I believe they can constitute a step in the right direction. And which direction is that? you may ask. I’ll tell you my good man, or woman. The right direction is the direction towards choice.

Charter schools represent a choice where there was none. Parents who can’t afford private school tuition who live in districts without charter schools are left with only one educational choice. And as nature so often has it, the parents with the least disposable income are the ones most likely to live in the worst-performing school districts.

The educational situation is especially bad in Alabama, where our state motto is “Thank God for Mississippi.”

So what does this have to do with the Anarcho-capitalist blog? I’ve got myself a mission. I’m going to write about charter schools and why Alabama needs them for a while. Maybe on Wednesday the idea for charters in Alabama will be dead in the water. Who knows? But I think it’s an interesting topic either way, so I’m going to write about it.

What do I hope to get accomplished? First, charter schools in Alabama. Specifically, I’d like to see charter schools that have the least possible amount of intervention from the state and the most freedom pop up wherever a market exists.

Second, I’d like to present a clear idea of what charters are, including their performance so far in other states, their pros, their cons, their limits and their potential.

Lastly, I’d like to blow away the stupid arguments against charters. There are good arguments against charters, I will admit that. But the stupid ones shouldn’t go unchallenged. So wish me luck, link to me, read me, challenge me, and consider being a part of a movement that just might revolutionize education in Alabama.

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