Parents need a day off work to support Louisiana’s education reform bills

Louisiana Teachers Cancel Class to Protest Education Reform Bill Canceling class “will allow teachers to travel to Baton Rouge for hearings on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plan to make sweeping changes in public schools,” the Baton Rouge Advocate reports. Last year nearly half of Louisiana’s public schools received a D or F grade on student outcomes. Louisiana’s 4th and … [Read more…]

Dana Goldstein Homeschooling Piece Misses the Real Emergency

I just want to  remind everyone of one thing in the midst of the whole debate over homeschooling: Public schooling sucks the most for the families who are able to escape it least. Generally speaking, a low-income, public-school student will get a lower-quality education (if he or she graduates at all) than a high-income student (source). … [Read more…]

Rubber rooms closing – Message to teachers: pose a threat to students, get sent home with pay

From a New York Times article: For the last several years, teachers accused of incompetence or wrongdoing have been forced into rubber rooms, formally called Temporary Reassignment Centers, where they receive a full salary but do not work while they wait for the Department of Education or a hearing officer to decide their fate. But … [Read more…]

AEA has killed the Alabama Charter School Law

All hope of charter schools being allowed in Alabama this year is dead. Take it away Montgomery Advisor: Last week the House Education Appropriations Committee voted 13-2 to indefinitely postpone a bill that would allow state and local school systems to start charter schools. On Wednesday, the Senate Finance and Taxation-Education Committee voted 13-4 to … [Read more…]

To the Alabama Education Association, 50 percent is a great job

Alabama Education Association District 28 UniServe director Jocelyn Schilling said “That scares me a little bit,” about the fact that charter schools aren’t required to offer their teachers tenure. Later in the North Jefferson News article Schilling said that schools in north Jefferson County all perform at a high level. What? “‘Communities are happy with … [Read more…]