1. Joy_M_H

    I loved your non-reaction to the spider-killing comment. (Lol!)
    The whole talk was like a flash back to my conservative Pres. days… staring down the barrel of entering a conservative marriage. Dodged that bullet. Coincidentally, I attended the same church as Jennifer Marshall’s family.

    As a fellow anarchist, I’m with you on seeing the economic roots of familial problems today. I’d go even further, however: the structure and concept of ‘bread winning’ is itself the major problem. Putting ourselves at the mercy of wage labor and the disconnected nuclear family -what ‘bread winning’ implies -render all current family options sucky.

    Too idealistic for a panel? For now.

  2. Lisa

    How come no one ever discusses that the rise of the “bread winning mom” is more due to the rise of the “single” mother more than any meaningful gain in female earning potential? Single parent households with absent fathers will always be “bread winning mom” households even if the mother is making minimum wage.

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