Encouraging homeownership increases income inequality

A new working paper from the Dutch central bank shows that subsidizing people’s home mortgages mostly helps wealthier-than-average people buy bigger houses than they would’ve otherwise. It also drives up the price of land and exacerbates income inequality. Business lending, on the other hand, reduces income inequality. The authors wondered why income inequality is greater … [Read more…]

What the Fuck is Wrong with San Francisco? – NIMBYs

In San Francisco, it’s nearly impossible to build any kind of housing without a public hearing. In a city with a severe shortage of housing that’s causing knock-on effects ranging from homelessness and staggering income inequality to mass displacement and environmental degradation, our leadership supports allowing neighbors to appeal a permit for nearly any reason, … [Read more…]

Destination Health: Solving Homelessness

Last night I attended Destination Health: Solving Homelessness. Destination Health is an event series hosted by the Commonwealth Club and sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. The place was packed. Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento, began the night by saying he wanted an obligation to shelter the homeless written into law in California. Los Angeles County Supervisor … [Read more…]

Things I’ve read recently

Guys, gals, gender non-conforming individuals. There’s a new diet in town. Now I’m restricted to no caffeine, dairy, sugar, and can only drink clear liquors. This is not a failure, my healer/doctor/functional medicine guru/astrologist (I don’t do astrology but she does) insisted. The goal was to learn. And we learned that I have a lot … [Read more…]