COVIDiaries: Part 12

My friend Lindsay was recently complaining about people being assholes about social distancing at the farmer’s market he works at. Watching people fail to social distance because they’re assholes and other people fail because they don’t speak English and everyone be mean to everyone else understandably fed his inner misanthropist.  One thing I’ve changed my … [Read more…]

Why I joined OnlyFans

On Friday I shared on Twitter and Instagram stories that I started an OnlyFans. For the less-perverted among my gentle readership, OnlyFans is a website where people post naughty photos and videos and other people pay to see this material. So, only click this link if you want to see naughty bits.  It’s kind of … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 11

I had trouble writing here last week. It felt icky writing about my life as if people aren’t suffering. That this is the most “elite” I’ve ever felt. I have a secure job that pays me well and where I’m treated really well in a city with great delivery services. I want to acknowledge the … [Read more…]

The Story of Plastic – Review and interview

The Story of Plastic premieres today at 2pm EST & PST on Discovery Channel. For more ways to watch, visit out the trailer here. See extreme hottie Jason Momoa pimp the documentary here.  What an interesting time for an oil documentary, as the global price recently went negative, spurring calls for more subsidies on … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 10

Don’t tell anyone, but I have exactly one quarantine buddy. He comes over twice per week. He spent the weekend here. I love him for a lot of reasons but one is that when I ask him to do things, he does them. What a concept. So I’ve been on the low-FODMAP diet, right? Well … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 9

I’ve been dieting for the past two weeks and lately it’s really affecting my mood. In a way, a pandemic is a perfect time to start a weird diet (low-FODMAP in my case) because there’s absolutely no social pressure whatsoever. I can’t go out to eat, or eat at all, with anyone anyway so might … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 8

Monday morning the National Review published Has Sweden Found the Right Solution to the Coronavirus? by John Fund and Joel Hay. It contains a number of disturbing distortions that typify the America right’s response to COVID-19. First, the two claim: “No one has addressed this simple yet critical question: How do we know social-isolation controls … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 7

I am so incredibly blessed. I still have my job. I do really well being alone. I’m not touch-starved because (outside of sex) it’s not that important to me. I have amazing people in my life who are checking in on me, sending words of encouragement, sending me flowers, Zooming with me. In many ways … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 6

As someone who grew up in the reddest of red-state America (Alabama) and has spent the last eight or so years in the bluest of blue-state America (DC for five years and now SF) I’ve been thinking a lot about why Red and Blue America Aren’t Experiencing the Same Pandemic. SF, the poster child for … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 5

On social media I keep seeing people questioning the need for shuttering non-essential businesses and asking whether we can just quarantine old people. As I said yesterday, at some point we’ll we need to balance additional deaths from COVID-19 with economic impacts. But please, for the love of God, understand this. At this point there … [Read more…]