Why I’m excited about ADU legislation

I’ve never been able to get that excited about accessory dwelling unit (ADU) legislation. California just passed some bills that legalize backyard cottages/mother-in-law units. These are good things to have and should OBVIOUSLY be legal to build, especially in the midst of a severe housing shortage.  Source But they’re hardly going to solve the crisis. … [Read more…]

And I certainly hate waiting

There really seems to be no substitute for time. I keep making out with my exes, who are my real friends now. It’s lovely.  I really thought I could talk to a more recent ex. But every pleasant interaction, even just over the internet, just waters a weed that needs to die.  I know this … [Read more…]

Why SF’s DA race matters

A city’s District Attorney wields an incredible amount of unchecked power. “The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty, and reputation than any other person in America,” Former U.S. Attorney General Robert Jackson said.  SF is about to elect our next DA. The stakes are high. A good DA will follow in former SF DA … [Read more…]

More on the Nazi problem

Since the latest “our friends turned out to be secret Nazis” episode, I’ve been thinking about Nazi-adjacent ideas. I’m guessing that for some people, the link between ideas that are merely conservative and ideas that are white supremacist or misogynistic isn’t obviously clear. And maybe ideas I’ve been lumping together don’t fit as closely or … [Read more…]