COVIDiaries part 7

I am so incredibly blessed. I still have my job. I do really well being alone. I’m not touch-starved because (outside of sex) it’s not that important to me. I have amazing people in my life who are checking in on me, sending words of encouragement, sending me flowers, Zooming with me. In many ways … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 6

As someone who grew up in the reddest of red-state America (Alabama) and has spent the last eight or so years in the bluest of blue-state America (DC for five years and now SF) I’ve been thinking a lot about why Red and Blue America Aren’t Experiencing the Same Pandemic. SF, the poster child for … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 5

On social media I keep seeing people questioning the need for shuttering non-essential businesses and asking whether we can just quarantine old people. As I said yesterday, at some point we’ll we need to balance additional deaths from COVID-19 with economic impacts. But please, for the love of God, understand this. At this point there … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries- Part 4

This weekend was rough. On Friday my friend D spent the night and in the morning we learned his live-in partner had gotten sick. My roommate had left the city with an exhortation to download Citizen, which I’d declined to do before because I don’t need more racist scaremongering in my life. He then gave … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 3

I spent part of today arguing with my friend about the definitions of the words “quarantine” and “shelter in place.” I also lifted, though with less enthusiasm. I took my first walk for exercise, and called my grandmother while out. I saw a very old woman waiting for the bus and thought, “You tryin to … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 2

Hello my babies. I’ve survived day 2 of “shelter in place” and it’s been interesting. Still more productive than I would be in the office. Definitely losing patience with roommate things like dirty dishes that would generally be more tolerable. But I celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a light-up hat and “Let the Shenanigans Begin” … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries Part 1

Well shit, folks. I guess it’s the perfect time to start writing again as the entire Bay Area is on lockdown. Mandatory WFH. Everything is closed except banks, grocery stores, and restaurants (but only for delivery). No leaving our homes for anything non-essential. As a germophobic introvert who WFH happily my first year in SF, … [Read more…]

Civil War

I hope you got a break over the last two weeks and that it was awesome. I went home to Alabama and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my crazy family. I get it naturally. Over the break my dad shared an email chain with me that contained this essay.  Before I left, a friend of … [Read more…]