Civil War

I hope you got a break over the last two weeks and that it was awesome. I went home to Alabama and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my crazy family. I get it naturally. Over the break my dad shared an email chain with me that contained this essay.  Before I left, a friend of … [Read more…]

I’m thinking about two things

I’m thinking about how Batman: The Animated Series still slaps. I bought it from iTunes ($35 for the whole series!) (why don’t I have any money?) for the plane ride to Ohio to visit my grandparents and mom and sister and others. Had a wonderful time. Met my cousin’s baby. I’m also thinking about NIMBYs. … [Read more…]

There, but for the grace of God

Well, Chesa won. He was my pick for SF DA. Here’s why I care about this race. As a libertarian, it definitely feels weird having rooted for a socialist. My friend asked me recently why I supported him. Over brunch, I explained that as a white, middle-class woman in San Francisco, I am annoyed and … [Read more…]

Hot for information

I was on a podcast recently talking about feminism and libertarianism. I also published two things: Why relationships get boring and Zoning is racist as hell. I’ve also been avoiding this blog. Work is really taking it out of me. In the best way, most of the time. I still struggled over the past two … [Read more…]

This smells disgusting.

Hello lovelies. I hope your weekend was awesome. Mine was pretty rad. I got to see Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse Live! And much of Season 3 of Big Mouth. It was so warm one night we had a drink at Jones, which is not usually my scene but was outside and beautiful and absolutely perfect for … [Read more…]

Big news

Ya girl is employed. Like, fully. I took a job with Clockwise handling all their content needs. Clockwise is a Google Calendar add-on that uses an algorithm to schedule your meetings to maximize your focus time. I’m confident that it’s going to amass a lot more happy users. And I’ll be getting to write about … [Read more…]