Obama Subsidizing Mortgages Screws the Poor Worst

If you enjoyed the first mortgage lending financial meltdown, you’ll love part 2! Today the Washington Post reported that the Obama administration wants to assure banks that he’ll bail them out (again!) when risky borrowers default on their home loans. Obama is sadsies that many young people and deadbeats still can’t get mortgages. Though it might … [Read more…]


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Infographic: Minimum wage worsens unemployment most for least educated

Sean Malone crafted a great graphic using data from economist Antony Davies that shows what minimum wage increases do to unemployment, broken up by education level. Hint: it’s not good! Click twice to view at full size. Here’s Julie Borowski on the subject: Here’s some background  And here’s a site to follow for more info: http://consultingbyrpm.com/blog

France’s internet data tax: AKA why the French can’t have nice things

Sacre bleu! France’s President François Hollande has proposed that companies like Facebook and Google pay taxes for the privilege of collecting French users’ data. The proposal is part of a report on how the French government can profit from internet companies not subject to high French capital gains, dividend and corporate taxes. The report tries to … [Read more…]

New Video: Finding Love [For Markets] In a Verizon Ad

I got choked up watching this Verizon wireless ad. It reminded me that innovation is the most powerful answer to the world’s problems and the single biggest contributor to increases in standards of living. A more libertarian world helps foster the innovations required to move past problems of scarcity and disease. It helps us lead … [Read more…]

Aaron Swartz’ suicide shows why no one should be an “example”

The recent suicide of Aaron Swartz, open-internet activist and the genius behind RSS and Reddit, has left many people questioning the legitimacy of copyright laws and selective, overzealous prosecutions. Swartz faced up to 35 years in prison if found guilty of violating a handful of laws protecting intellectual property after he was accused of what … [Read more…]