AnCap girl elsewhere: Have You Heard About The Coming Executive Order on Cybersecurity?

Just got my first article in at Doublethink magazine!: Have You Heard About The Coming Executive Order on Cybersecurity?

With Congress unable to pass legislation setting cybersecurity standards, drafts of an Obama cyber security executive order are circulating. This possibility has important implications for the future of American privacy, technology and infrastructure.

According to reporting on drafts currently in circulation, a cybersecurity executive order would likely provide federal agencies with several important new powers. First, the New American has reported that one leaked draft gives government actors such as the Pentagon, the National Security Agency (NSA), the director of national intelligence, and the Justice Department the power to decide whether more regulations related to cybersecurity are necessary.

Second, any executive order is likely to create an incentive program to encourage companies to conform to government-created security standards. Cybersecurity News reports that one incentive may involve “changing the federal procurement process to create preferences for vendors who meet cybersecurity standards.”

Imposing cybersecurity standards through legislation or incentives distorts market forces, creates new opportunities for cronyism and presents the government with more opportunities to gather and store data on private companies and their customers.

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