An Anarcho-capitalist look at Paul Ryan

Of course politician Paul Ryan is a dirty, dirty statist. But how is he dirty and how dirty is he? I looked at three recent examples the ACLU is using in its latest email to make the case that Paul Ryan is bad news for civil liberties.

1. Ryan voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and eliminate funding for Title X family planning programs. Cosponsored and voted to pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. Voted to prohibit federal funding for abortion care training in health care centers.

This is all good with this Anarcho-capitalist. First, no longer using stolen dollars to fund anything is good. You can argue that abortions aren’t the place to start, and you may have a point, but you get to my Anarcho-capitalist paradise faster by defunding than funding.

Plus, I’ve recently written on reasons it might be good to defund PP and stop buying abortions for poor people with government money.

2. Ryan cosponsored a bill that exempted any employer from providing contraceptive coverage as part of their employees’ health care and opposed the Obama administration’s compromise to require insurance companies to cover contraception.

Another hells yeah. Is religious freedom not a civil liberty, ACLU? Or do people just lose it when they start businesses?

But for an AnCap like me, this isn’t about religious freedom but property rights. If you require me to buy something (like birth control for my employees/the people I cover) you’re stealing from me at gunpoint and then giving me a token for the trouble. Not okay.

3. Ryan voted in favor of defense legislation that authorizes the president to send the military anywhere in the world to imprison civilians without charge or trial.

Fuck. No.

I predict that on social issues, Ryan will be painted as a raving evangelical theocrat for wanting to stop federal funding for things he personally finds morally repugnant. But as AnCaps we can argue about the order in which things are defunded, but we can only applaud defunding, regardless of our feelings about what’s being defunded and why.

And we could recognize that there’s a huge difference between Bush’s neocon frankenstein “compassionate conservatism” where new federal dollars went to causes he found morally beneficial and Ryan’s morally-motivated budget slashing.

But whatever, what everyone needs to get up in arms about is Ryan’s crazypants foreign interventionism. That shit is what’s scary. Unhelpfully, Obama’s given us no indication he’ll stop with the invading other countries and replacing their leaders.

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

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