Getting all kinds of Corporatist up in this bitch

Amazon Just Became A Little More Like Wal-Mart, And A Little More Evil

Amazon now supports an internet sales tax. Just your garden-variety corporatism. Nothing to use the word evil about.

Let’s see what we have here. Totally bogus, opposite-of-what-it-is name for the legislation?¬†Check. It’s called the¬†Marketplace Fairness Act. Hilarious.

Bipartisan support? Check.

So basically, Amazon, because it’s huge, can afford a higher tax, and is calculating that it will be worse for other retailers.

Um, yes. That’s what businesses do. They lobby the government for marketplace advantages. Why would you be mad at Amazon for that? Amazon exists for the purpose of profit.

All I’m saying is that were I writing the news article, the headline would be “Senate moves to help Amazon at the expense of other retailers with a new tax on consumers.” Subhead: “Raising prices and increasing taxes all at the same time.” And I would begin the article with an investigation into what the Senators are getting for helping Amazon. But that’s just me.

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